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Smodin Hiring Near Me – Sr React/Javascript Dev


Job Summary

Smodin just listed a job advertisement for Smodin Hiring Near Me – Sr React/Javascript Dev that will require candidates to work Full Time located in Islamabad, Islāmābād, PK Remember to check the description thoroughly before submitting your job application form.

Job Title: Smodin Hiring Near Me – Sr React/Javascript Dev
Company Name: Smodin
Job Location: Islamabad, Islāmābād, PK
Job Type: Full Time
Job Category:
Job Link Expiry: 2023-01-30
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Job Details:

About the job

Salary: 70k-85k / yr

Stepping into the future:

Within 2 years, Open AI will release a machine learning model with as many neurons as the human brain and knowledge of the entire web. Imagine what such a model is capable of. We see a possible future where educational success won’t be a measure of how much you know, but a measure of how well you utilize the tools available to you. If that doesn’t excite (or scare) you, this job isn’t for you.

Smodin ( started with a vision to make everyday tools available to every language. This came after the realization that a majority of companies and developers cater to non-English languages as an afterthought. Now, Smodin helps mostly students in 50 different languages across 250 countries, growing to a top 10,000 website globally. We believe we can take it to a top 1-2k website globally in 2-3 years. Today, we’re building “homework done for you” solutions that might revolutionize the way students experience education. Smodin is about 25 people strong: JS team of 4 react/fullstack devs, designer / product lead. Machine Learning team of 4 devs.

Smodin is searching for a senior react+javascript developer who has strong independent skills in full stack development. Your role will consist of building out new features with performant design patterns both on the front end and backend (as it pertains to the database and user flow).

Our tech stack:

– ReactJS / NextJS / NodeJS (80%)

– Python (Machine learning)

– Firebase Realtime DB / Auth


– Docker Containers + VMs

– Google Cloud Platform

Work Expectations:

– Learn and adapt to unique problems (creating simple scripts, digging into package source code, searching github issues, etc.)

– Largely independent (You can always come to the team for questions, but we wholly expect you to try to solve questions on your own using google or whatever other means)

– Collaborate Effectively for Complex Tasks (Some tasks will be difficult and require working together or paired programming)

– Clean Code is a MUST

– Review peer Pull Requests

– Responsible for determining when a task is considered complete (tickets are typically 90% clear, and it’s up to the developer to fill in the gaps)

Experience Minimums:

– 2+ Years in React

– 2+ Years in NodeJS or using express servers

Why Work at Smodin

– We cherish your ideas, if you have something you want to build for the site (even a completely new application) and it fits the website, you can (and put your name as credit)!

– Build and deploy fast. We build and deploy same-day depending on the size of the feature.

– Small intelligent team. You’ll be able to interact with every part of the website and get a solid breadth of experience while working with devs who will provide you insightful feedback.

Smodin Culture:

We have defined our culture using the SMODIN acronym

Speak up: everyone’s opinion is valued, no one is expected to know everything

Move fast and break things: Nothing is perfect, great products are a result of iteration

Open Minded: You must be open to new ideas, never shut an idea down without proper consideration

Detailed: The little things DO matter. That PR checklist keeps us on track.

Independent: Self sufficiency isn’t just good for you, but for the team. Find the solutions to problems you didn’t know you had

New Ideas: Ideas are the life blood of Smodin, share yours

Interview Process:

– We’ll ask for a code sample to evaluate your code quality

– We’ll have an initial technical interview / coding challenge

– We’ll have 1 more cultural and experience interview (we may ask for 2, but that’s unlikely)

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